Jun 22, 2012

Fabric Painting: Floral Bed Sheet Pattern

Painting on fabric is totally a different experience – because it needs a lot of patience. I got inspired for this kind of painting when my sister presented me a hand painted bed sheet on my anniversary.

Here is a pattern which you can download. See below to find the details of material required and step by step procedure.

Fabric painting-flower pattern

Material required for Fabric painting:

  • Cotton cloth
  • Cloth ring
  • Paint brush
  • Fabric color
  • Fabric color medium
  • Pattern on tracing paper/ you can do free hand drawing

Step by step procedure:

  • Take a cotton cloth; wash it with water. Remember to remove the starch (if any) properly. Sometimes the cloth get shrink on first wash so prewashing is a good idea to start with fabric painting.
  • Iron the cloth after wash to remove all wrinkles. Wrinkles may result to disaster for fabric painting.
  • Draw/Trace the pattern on cloth.
  • Fix the cloth ring on the fabric from where you have to start the painting.
  • Complete the portion inside the cloth ring. Let it dry completely and then move onto another portion.
  • You can simply fill the color or to have an innovative look try shading it as is done in the pattern.
  • Once you finish with painting and drying procedure your last step will be to wash the bed sheet with water before use.

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May 6, 2012

Floating Rangoli – Step by Step

An artistic appearance of painting by using color is called Rangoli/ Kolam. In the northern part of India it is known as Rangoli whereas the same art in South India is called Kolam. In India many type of rangoli is made like Funnel rangoli, 3D rangoli, Stencil rangoli, Portrait rangoli and Floating rangoli. 

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I was interested to make a floating rangoli and tried it several times. Frankly speaking I was not so successful in making it, so I tried it with a little variation. Here is my material, step by step procedure and pattern of my water rangoli.
Floating Rangoli
Material required for making floating rangoli
  • Butter paper
  • Glass outliner
  • Glass color
  • Rangoli Pattern
  • Flat vessel (Crystal/ plastic/steel/ Brass)
  • Water
Step by step procedure for making floating rangoli
  • Draw the rangoli pattern on butter paper with pencil
  • Outline it with glass outliner and allow it to dry completely.
  • Fill the pattern with help of glass color and once again allow it to dry
  • Pour water in a vessel.
  • Slowly immerse the pattern upside down in water.
Things to remember while making floating rangoli
  • It is not compulsory to put the pattern upside down. Whichever side looks good/ attractive you can immerse it by your choice.
  • Choose the place where you want to display your water rangoli before immersing the pattern in water, moving the vessel may spoil your floating rangoli.
Take a closer view :
Floating Rangoli - Detailed View
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Jan 8, 2012

New Year Rangoli / Kolam Designs - 2012

India has a rich and colorful tradition of designing Rangolis during festivals. New Year eve, Sankranti, Ugadi, Pongal or Diwali almost every festival is marked by somewhat distinct Rangoli designs. In South India Rangoli is known as Kolam. Every morning South Indian women create beautiful Kolams outside their houses - it brings prosperity – a belief. It is a welcome sign – sign of invitation.
Belief can be challenged but these beautiful Rangolis/Kolams are a wonderful expression of one’s creativity. The joy of creating it is simply amazing. Apart from the decoration & artistic pleasure it has some religious and spiritual value as well. Kolams are created using rice flour which is eaten away by ants and other insects – a good example of peaceful co-existence :-)

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Like last year New Year Rangoli Designs – 2011 this year too I captured some of the beautiful Rangoli/Kolam designs from the streets of Hyderabad on the New Year eve.
Click on the design to Zoom

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You can also check a few more awesome New Year Rangoli Designs of 2011 from streets of Hyderabad

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