Dec 7, 2011

Tips & Tricks for Making Floating Candle

I learnt a few things while making my first floating candle. I would like to share the same with my readers. 

  • First of all I would like to tell my readers that making their own floating candle is not at all time consuming. You need to follow few steps. Read my previous article on How to Make Floating Candle-DIY to learn the basics of making your own floating candle. Why to buy a expensive floating candle when you can have your own?
  • Melt the wax on slow flame, otherwise there’s a risk of breaking a fire. Better option is to use Double Boiler. (Fill the lower pan with water, place the wax contained bowl over it, heat it till the wax is melt.)
  • For making Scented Candle, you have to look into your kitchen for rose, vanilla, strawberry essence. You can also use aromatic oil in melted wax. Remember not to over do it. Add drop by drop by continuously mixing it.
  • Different kind of moulds (cast/pattern) can be used for making floating candle. Be a little creative here and you can find a few molds at your home itself.
    • Nowadays various shapes of readymade moulds (mold: US English) are easily available in art and craft shop.
    • Fused blub can be used, but remember to break the blub carefully while removing the candle out of it, otherwise there’s a risk of injuring your hand.
    • Muffin tray are used for making candles, remember to apply oil on the base of each cup, to avoid sticking wax at the base. Keep it aside to cool. Once the wax is cool just twist and turn the tray to remove the wax.
  • The best use of old crayons can be done by making candle out of it.
  • Use this scented candle during festivals (Diwali etc), birthday parties or during your anniversary.


  1. Thanks Mam, these are very useful tips.

  2. Lovely site....keep going.......


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