Nov 7, 2011

Diwali - How to Make Floating Candle - DIY

Diwali – The festival of light, sweets, crackers, happiness and Decoration. This Diwali I thought to make my own floating candles instead of buying.
Material Required for Making Floating Candle
  • Wax
  • Thread
  • Pencil
  • Match Box
  • Container. 
Procedure for Making Floating Candle
  • Take a paper cup (easily available in market, Generally used in tea stall for serving tea.)
  • Take wax in a container and heat it on a slow flame. [You can melt a few half used candles]
  • Mean while take a thick thread tie it with pencil. Be careful to place the candle exactly at the centre as shown below. 
Floating candle 001
  • Pour the melted wax in a paper cup.
  • Keep it aside for cooling.
  • After 15 minutes, once the wax is settled; gradually pull off the pencil.
  • Now hold the cup and tear the paper cup as shown below.
 Floating candle 009
  • Cut the protruding thread, if any.
  • Here you are ready with your homemade floating candle.
Floating candle 015

Material Required  for Floating Candle in a Bowl
  • Crystal Bowl
  • Flower petals
  • Vermilion
Procedure for Decorating the Floating Candle
  • Take a crystal bowl add some water and a spoon full of vermilion (Sindoor) in it.
  • Add flower petals( you can use Rose and Marigold flower )
  • Place a candle carefully in the bowl .
  • Lit it with match stick.
Have a  look at my floating candle.  The pleasure of making my own floating candle at Diwali was wonderful :-)

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 Note: Vermilion is mixed in water to give a contrast effect of red and yellow(fire). You can also use plain water. Did you like it? Spread the word about it… +1, Like or Tweet it.
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