Aug 25, 2011

Shade Art - Omar Khayyam Pattern - DIY

Omar Khayyam was a well known scholar, poet as well as a mathematician and a person with many more qualities. I was amazed with the result of my previous Shade Art so I thought to make a pair of it.

For materials required and procedure you can refer my previous post Shade Art Ram-Sita - DIY

Do try the pattern below. For any query do mail me.

Shade Art Omar Khayyam

Appreciate your feedback in form of comments.

1 comment:

  1. hi....ur articles are superb...more than that ur tutorials ...u ve mentioned it in so detail...thx

    can iu pls tell me the process of Mosaic Painting...i ve a fair idea bt nt sure intersted in learning cn u mention the id is


    same time if u do the coffee painting on MDF the process the same??thx a ton bye


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