Jul 31, 2011

Shade Art Ram-Sita - DIY

One day while purchasing some art material at my nearest art and craft store, my eyes stuck on a very interesting pattern of Ram-Sita. I decided to do something different with it. Instead of coloring it I tried shading it, and the final result was awesome.

Here is the pattern, material required and detailed procedure – DIY - for making this Shade Art of Ram-Sita.


Material required for Shade Art:

  • Wooden Board.
  • Pattern on felt (Black cotton) cloth.
  • White Fabric color.
  • Silver Fabric Color.
  • Paint Brush (Size 000).

Procedure of Shade Art:

  • Outline the whole pattern with white fabric color and let it dry.
  • Start shading the pattern with silver color and use very fine painting brush to get better strokes.
  • Just in two easy steps your Shade Art is ready to decor your lifeless wall.

P.S. : If you are a beginner in shading, first practice it on paper or some rough cloth so that you don’t spoil the original pattern.

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