Apr 14, 2011

Rimjhim Painting Tutorial for Beginners - DIY

Rimjhim Painting is a creative way of using glass color in a different way. Instead of glass sheet a canvas cloth is used for the painting. It is called Rimjhim Painting as White Sparkle/Glitter Powder is used, which gives very shining look to the painting. I am sharing step by step procedure of Rimjhim Painting so that you can also have your own.

Basic Materials Required:

  • A piece of Canvas cloth
  • Pattern on Butter paper
  • Marker pen
  • White sparkle powder/ White glitter powder
  • Glass painting color
  • Fevicol(White Glue)
  • Brush

Step by Step Procedure for Rimjhim Painting

1. Take a canvas cloth and trace a pattern with the help of a thin pointed Marker pen.


2. Apply white glue (Favicol) all over the canvas cloth with help of brush and before drying it evenly sprinkle white glitter powder.


3. Now apply Glass color on the pattern and let it dry.

4. Frame it and hang it on wall



  • Keep some rough cloth below canvas cloth before applying white glue and color otherwise it will spoil the surface.
  • Apply only glass color so that Rimjhim (Sparkle powder) effect is more visualized.
  • Apply only white sparkle/glitter powder; do not use multi color sparkle powder.


  1. Nice Work..:)

  2. nice job...........creativity in you i can see that

  3. nice work!!
    can we use black point pen or black sketch pen instead of marker pen ??


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