Feb 8, 2011

Duplex Paper Flower Tutorial - DIY

Don’t you think decorating a pot and keeping it without flowers is just incomplete. You can make flower at home by following some simple steps. Required material and procedure are as below.
Required Materials for making Duplex Paper Flower
  • Duplex Paper (Desired color)
  • Aluminum wire
  • Thread
  • Fevicol (White Adhesive)
  • Green Crape paper
  • Scissor

Note: Duplex paper is easily available in the stationary shop. On a single sheet you will find two shades of color on each side. Here I have used Duplex paper having white at one side and orange color at the other side.

Procedure for making Duplex Paper Flower:
  • Draw a petal shape with pencil behind the duplex paper so you can cut it properly using scissor, Call it `Petal A’. (Desired size)
  • Draw another petal shape, smaller than the before petal. Cut it and keep it aside, Call it `Petal B’.
  • Similarly for one flower cut 5 petals A and 5 petals B. Stick one from each as shown below.
  • Roll crape paper to place it in center of flower so it looks more attractive.
  • Now take Aluminium wire and tie crape paper roll
  • Then one by one tie petals with help of thread.

    Here is your first duplex paper flower … ready to cheer your senses!

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    These are really nice arts! Done with nice perfection. btw I have one suggestion for you, Host your blog on wordpress.org and you can become a Professional Hobby Blogger! :)


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