Dec 3, 2010

A Creative Hobby Idea – Golden Foil Paper Art

Once enjoying my Dairy Milk, a Creative Art Idea struck my mind! Why not make something interesting with golden foil which is used to wrap a Chocolate? I took a plywood piece and started executing my idea. Here’s a list of material, procedure and picture of my art work.


Material used for Foil Paper Art

  • Piece of plywood.
  • Asian Paint (Black color)
  • Silver Foil (Which is generally used to wrap food)
  • Golden Foil (Kuchh meetha ho jaaye)
  • Fevicol (any adhesive) Scissor

Procedure for Foil Paper Art

  • Apply black paint on plywood and let it dry.
  • In my Foil Paper Art I have made a tree and a few birds on it. I have used silver foil for tree and moon, and golden foil for birds.
  • So first I have cut and pasted silver foil for tree, branches and leaves. Be careful while handling foil paper as they are very delicate.
  • Then I have cut and pasted birds accordingly.

A Million $ Tip for Free: For birds, draw the outline on backside of Golden Foil first and then cut it with scissor or cutter.

Have a Closer Look of the Art



  1. very creative!

  2. Very nice work. Will be in touch since we need few of these kind of work for our clients.


  3. superb! great creativity


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