Dec 26, 2010

Coffee Painting - Man & Woman Pattern

Hope you are enjoying festive winter season with your family. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to my readers. I am feeling good & encouraged by numerous compliments – both online & offline – for my first Coffee Painting - Egyptian Queen Pattern. I thought to give another try on another pattern. In this coffee painting I had given some texture in the background & colored it with white and Metallic Golden color. While coloring the man face I have added a drop of red color to coffee, rest of the pattern is colored using coffee.

Here is the pattern which you can right click & save at your desktop for free…



For Texture in background you can refer procedure from Ganesha Ceramic Mural.

For Step By Step procedure Coffee Painting you can refer to Coffee Painting - Egyptian Queen Pattern - DIY

Enjoy your Coffee with Painting… combo offer :-)

Dec 17, 2010

Coffee Painting - Egyptian Queen Pattern - DIY

Enjoying Coffee during winter is so wonderful but trust me making Coffee Painting is a wonderful experience. You don’t get such a rich look and texture with any other paint. Mix coffee and water to get different shades of brown color. I made an Egyptian Queen, here’s the procedure.
Material used for Coffee Painting
  • Coffee Powder
  • Canvas Board
  • Outliner (Gold and Black color)
  • Varnish
  • Paint brush
Procedure for Coffee Painting
  • Draw or trace the design on canvas board and then outline it with golden color outliner. Let it dry.
  • Mix Coffee and water to get different shades. Use less water to get darker shade and more and more water for light to lighter shades.
  • Let it dry and apply varnish to get more shine.
  • And finally, frame it and hang it and enjoy compliments.
Here is my Coffee Painting: Egyptian Queen Pattern for you.

Dec 9, 2010

Ceramic Mural – DIY Painting Tutorial

Last month I had some interior work at home. As usual there were some leftover wooden pieces and white cement. I had heard about ceramic Mural and thought to give a try. Here is how I made it.

Materials used for Ceramic Mural

  • Wooden Piece (Desired size).
  • White cement.
  • Fevicol (Adhesive).
  • Faber Castle Metallic Color (Gold, Copper, Bronze color).
  • Copper color outliner (optional).
  • Ganesh idol (You can choose any idol).

Step By Step Procedure for Ceramic Mural

Mix white cement and Fevicol. Make a thick paste and apply all over wooden board. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes and make some desired texture with help of pen/pencil or any thick stick.

  • I had started with the corner of wooden piece, had given curve texture then zigzag with help of pen. In the middle I had given this texture with the help of paint brush. Let it dry for overnight.


  • Make dough from white cement and fevicol.
  • I had made rose flower, petals and few buds out of dough.
  • Let it dry for at least 24 hours or till it becomes hard.


  • Arrange and stick this flower with help of fevicol on corner of frame and color it with metallic Bronze, Gold and Copper color. I had highlight zigzag texture with help of copper color outliner as shown below.painting-ceramic-mural-diy
  • In the middle of the frame I had stick Ganesh idol (bought from the gift shop).
  • Let it dry till it completely sticks.
  • Finally I had stick thread around a frame (it’s optional).

Here’s your wonderful Ganesh Ceramic Mural :)


Dec 3, 2010

A Creative Hobby Idea – Golden Foil Paper Art

Once enjoying my Dairy Milk, a Creative Art Idea struck my mind! Why not make something interesting with golden foil which is used to wrap a Chocolate? I took a plywood piece and started executing my idea. Here’s a list of material, procedure and picture of my art work.


Material used for Foil Paper Art

  • Piece of plywood.
  • Asian Paint (Black color)
  • Silver Foil (Which is generally used to wrap food)
  • Golden Foil (Kuchh meetha ho jaaye)
  • Fevicol (any adhesive) Scissor

Procedure for Foil Paper Art

  • Apply black paint on plywood and let it dry.
  • In my Foil Paper Art I have made a tree and a few birds on it. I have used silver foil for tree and moon, and golden foil for birds.
  • So first I have cut and pasted silver foil for tree, branches and leaves. Be careful while handling foil paper as they are very delicate.
  • Then I have cut and pasted birds accordingly.

A Million $ Tip for Free: For birds, draw the outline on backside of Golden Foil first and then cut it with scissor or cutter.

Have a Closer Look of the Art


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