Nov 23, 2010

Tips to Enhance Your Sand Painting

Though I am not an expert at sand painting yet I have learnt a few tips from my own experience. Let me share some practical tips to enhance your Sand Painting:
  • If you are good enough in drawing you can draw some floral pattern or some freehand pattern so that you can get rid of sticking butter paper and carbon paper.
  •  To give a 3D look to your sand painting try sticking thick black thread on outline of pattern.
  • Instead of background you can also stick sand on pattern and then color it.
  •  If you want to experiment with sand on your whole painting then apply somewhere single layer of sand and somewhere two or three layer of sand depending on your pattern.
  • Don’t apply fevicol (adhesive) all over at once, work in small-small area, that is apply fevicol in small area then sand, press it with light hand… again repeat the same procedure.
  • After sticking sand in 4-5 small areas leave it for some times say 1 hour then slowly reverse        your painting and tap with your fingertip from behind so that extra sand will fall down.
  • If your pattern consists of a God wearing jewelry you can highlight it with M-seal, make small balls of M-seal, stick it immediately then color it with golden color.   

Hope these practical tips come in handy in your next sand painting project.

Apply & enjoy…

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  1. Hey, nice and crisp. I like the way this has been crafted. Keep up the great work.


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