Nov 1, 2010

Steps to Make Glass Outliner at Home

How to make Glass outliner at home

Usually outliners are easily available in any stationery shop, but it is also simple to make it at home. You can use outliner on glass, fabric, pots and wood board. If you are too artistic then try using different shades liner present in your wardrobe by writing something interesting, create your nameplate, make design on mirror etc. Making your own outliner at home gives you a vast range of colors you may have wished for.

Material required for Glass Outliner

  • Plastic Sheet (to make cone)
  • Ceramic Powder (easily available in hardware shop)
  • Fevicol (Adhesive to mix with ceramic)
  • Color (any shade as per requirement)
  • Small plastic container and spoon (for mixing)
  • Cello tape and scissor.

Steps for making Glass Outliner

  • Make a cone (required size) out of plastic sheet and fix it with cello tape.
  • Mix ceramic powder, fevicol and fabric color in a plastic container.
  • Make thick and free flowing paste (No lumps should be left).
  • Pour the paste in the cone and fix it with lot of cello tape to avoid any leakage.
  • Cut the tip of cone (as per requirement) with scissor.
  • And here is your outliner… ready to outline your next pattern.


  1. i asked for this ceramic powder in Toronto i couldn't find it can u send me or post the product name

  2. Will surely Try it :) :) Thanks a lot !!!

  3. which colour ceramic powder we should use for Black glass outliner. Either Black or White

  4. Pl tell me product name of ceramic powder.


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