Nov 18, 2010

Sand Painting Tutorial for Beginners

Basic Materials Required for Sand Painting
  • Wooden board
  • Sand
  • Fevicol (any adhesive which can stick sand on board)
  • Outliner or thick black thread
  • Color
  • Pattern traced on butter paper
Procedure for Sand Painting
  • Clean your wooden board.
  • Apply Primer and let it dry for 24 hours.
  • Keep the carbon paper and then pattern on board; stick the edges of board, carbon paper and butter paper properly so while outlining the pattern the design traced is proper.
  • Try outlining the design at one starch.
  • The design is ready on your board, now you can outline it with outliner or stick black thick thread on outline of pattern.
  • Fill the required oil/acrylic/fabric color in pattern.
  • Once the color is dried out apply the Fevicol with help of brush in background and sprinkle sand on adhesive before it dry.
  • As soon as you sprinkle sand on Fevicol remember to press it lightly with your thumb.
  • Reverse the painting and tap it with finger so that extra sand falls down.
  • Let it dry and frame it.

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  1. thanks for the tutorial. I will try in home this weekend


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