Nov 5, 2010

Music in Air Pattern: Glass Painting

While browsing through internet, I stumbled upon an interesting pattern. I could not resist my temptation to try my painting skills over it. Theme of the painting is Music in Air: The Queen enjoying the musical rhythmic pattern emanating from the flute…the rhythm synchronizing with air to create Music in Air. 

Here’s the pattern:


  • Very bright shades has been used.
  • Camlin Glass Color is used here; Instead of Glass color you can use Oil or Fabric color.
  • Here, I have used Glass outliner not marker. Due to Glass outliner the Glass color (Water based) does not spread from one section to other.
  • While working with glass color, remember to rupture the bubbles immediately otherwise your painting will be blemished. Read 10+ Tips to Enhance Glass Painting Art for details.
  • I’ll upload the pattern as a big size image, So that you can download & trace it. Stay tuned & keep watching this space…

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