Nov 7, 2010

Glass Painting Without Background Color

Glass painting can be considered as an advantage if you don’t want to give any background color to your painting. I have experimented with one of my painting in similar ways, and believe me it has been appreciated by everyone. It looks different & it looks beautiful. Why? Cause you it takes the background from its environment i.e. with the same painting you’ve a different look every time you change the color of the wall (where you’ve displayed it) or you change the position in a way you wish to reflect a different background color.

Here I would like to share my trial with you:


I have done the above painting on a glass with a length & breath dimension of 30”*16” on a 3mm thick glass sheet.

Instead of using glass outliner I have used CD/OHP Marker to give fine outlining.

For coloring I have used Fabric color.

No background color is used keeping in mind that whatever will be the color of the wall, will work as the background color of the painting. It has added more reality to the painting.

Before framing I have compressed the painting with 30”*16” 2mm glass sheet i.e. at the back of the painting there’s a 2mm thick glass sheet. So the color will not fade in the future.

Here’s the painting with different background.


In my next post I’ll write about Sand Painting Tutorial for Beginners….. Stay tuned :)


  1. Wow!

    Beautiful in single words.

  2. Wow manisha,good work of arts,i stay @ red hills,hyd.where do u stay? Can we meet? I am also involved in paintings,embroidery n other crafts.reply asap.tkc

  3. Thanks everyone for liking my art.
    Saba : really sorry, now m out of station,I'll definetely try once am back.

  4. Looks sweet!!! The colors blend together with the light in a very mystic way. Thanks

  5. AnonymousMay 04, 2012

    can you please share the pattern design..


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