Oct 25, 2010

Step by Step Glass Painting Demo: Mickey Mouse Pattern

  • For Mickey Mouse Glass Painting I have used 12”*12”, 3 mm thick Glass sheet. [Note: represents inch]

ng 003

  • Here the pattern is fixed below the glass sheet and from the upper side outline is drawn with help of glass outliner.

Start Mickey Mouse Glass Painting

  • I have started applying Glass color (water based).

Start Glass Painting Color Mickey Mouse

  • Apply your favorite color shades, but remember water based color takes longer time to dry. So before moving to another area keep in mind that its adjoining area color is completely dried.

Mickey Mouse in Glass Color 

  • Here I complete my Mickey Mouse Glass Painting. Even school kids can try this out, its simple, just start it…

Enjoy Painting :)


  1. Nice drawing man,keep it up,in my childhood i was like addicted to cartoon drawings.Now i am 19 and yet not given up drawing and stuff http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=199214&l=a202168841&id=100001201006158

  2. i have been looking for the procedure n found it really helpful,, thanks.

  3. its really helpful for me

  4. hi..Please let me know what all materials are required for glass painting? would be a great help!!


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