Oct 23, 2010

How to Start Glass Painting: A Beginners Tutorial

Basic Material and Tools for Glass Painting:-
  • Painting surface
      • Glass sheet, Glass bottle or jar, Glass plate
  • Glass outliner
      • Readily available or one can make at home
  • Painting colors
      • Glass colors, Fabric colors etc.
  • Paint Brush
      • Size: According to requirement
  • Glass cleaning solution
      • Thinner or Nail polish remover
  • Sponge
      • To create texture look
  • Cotton Buds
      • To clean excess color
  • Design/Pattern.
Steps for Creating Glass Painting:-
  • Clean the surface of Glass with soap water and dry with cotton cloth.
  • Choose and Stick the design with tape on one side of glass.
  • From other side draw the outline of design with Glass Outliner and let it dry at least for half an hour.
  • Color the design with your favorite color shades.
  • Glass color can take more than a week to dry so have patience (Fabric color or other color does not require such a long time).
  • Frame it and here is your first Glass painting ready to beautify your wall.
In my next post I’ll write about step by step detailed demo on Glass Painting.


  1. Thank you for the post. It's a very helpful short list.

  2. thanks this list has been very helpful to me

  3. AnonymousMay 26, 2013

    what is that glass sheet..?im not clear about it...is it the just a glass u mean here?


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