Oct 22, 2010

A Brief History of Indian Painting

It has been researched that history of Indian painting revolved around 5500 BC in the form of rock painting. Later in 7th century carved pillars of Ajanta(Maharashtra) was the best example of Indian paintings. There were many other form & style of paintings like
  • Bhimbetka Rock Painting: Comprises of Buddhist religious art and universal pictorial art.
  • Madhubani Painting: Artist from Mithila region of Bihar are said to be proficient in this art from ancient times.
  • Tanjore painting: South Indian form of painting from the town of Tanjore in Tamil Nadu, took shape during early 9th century. Tanjore Painting themes were based on Hindu mythology, the eastern style of painting (Encourage by various scenes from Indian mythology).
  • Gandhar-Taxila: Based on Persian works.
  • Modern painting: These type of painting were based on Western styles, Indian themes and images and has also given Indian artists international recognition.
  • Glass Painting: Religious scenes were a popular subject etc.
Among all the art of paintings mentioned above, Reverse Glass Painting (or simply Glass Painting) is one of my favorites. You can experiment & be creative with Oil paints, Fabric color, Glass color; Double glasses, stained glass. Let me briefly tell you about Glass Painting, yes my favorite one.
Glass Painting
In India, Glass painting took birth in the state of Gujarat (around eighteenth century). As a subjective art Glass painting came into picture in India when Chinese artists settle down near coastal region of Gujarat state. There is no decisive acquaintance about the foundation of Glass Painting in world, but some assumption are made that may be Egypt or Byzantium has introduce Glass painting technique in 4th century A.D. France, England, Germany (14th century), Italy (16th century) were the next places where the Glass Painting art enormously flourished. Glass painting is one of the best options one can opt to transform their lifeless wall with a work of genius.
To create Glass Painting what you need is just a clean piece of Glass, Paint, beautiful imagination, a little bit of creativity and a little bit of patience and here is a wonderful masterpiece ready to decorate your interior...
In coming posts I’ll share how to get started with different forms of paintings viz. glass, pot, sand etc. Also I’ll share a few of my own creations & Glass Painting Patterns for free download.

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