Oct 31, 2010

10+ Tips and Tricks to Enhance Glass Painting Art

Painting of any form is an art. It invariably needs 3 basic traits: patience, patience & more patience. With a loads of patience & little bit of passion, you’ll definitely excel. Most of the time things we consider not so important may play an important role in the overall look & feel of your painting. May be there’s only a thin line between you (an amateur) & a professional painter. Go through the following list to enhance your painting & master strokes:

  • Before starting your masterpiece, to clean the glass sheet occasionally soap water is not enough if there is some stubborn stain like grease use thinner or alcohol on cotton swab to clean it.
  • If it is your first glass painting then don’t go for complex design: Remember KISS: Keep It Sweet & Simple….
  • 2mm glass sheet can be used for more clarity, but it is not durable. The glass may crack while framing.
  • So instead of 2mm Glass sheet use 3mm or 4mm glass sheet to add more durability.
  • Place your glass sheet over a plain surface like table, so that transparent glass paint (water based colors) doesn’t flow from one area to another.
  • To avoid air bubbles, do not shake the bottle before use. If bubbles appear try to rupture it with pin/needle.
  • Use paint brush only if you are working with opaque color (fabric or oil colors). While using transparent color use the nozzle provided with bottle.
  • Always color the subject first and then go for the background.
  • For highlighting your Glass Paint you can also use crumbled Aluminum foil or Black paint as a background depending on the theme of your painting.
  • For different shades you can mix the colors, but remember both the colors should be from same brand. Mixing two different brands will give cracking look and also paint will not stick properly to the glass.
  • If you are using transparent glass color it will take more time to dry (say at least a week or two depending on the size & weather) as compared to opaque color.
  • Allow your paint to dry properly try not to touch your painting while it is in drying process.
  • After completing with color don’t leave the painting in open, dust may collect which may fade the painting.
  • Bonus Tip: The most important one…… Only paint when you are in good mood, otherwise you will definitely spoil your painting.

Learn How to Make Glass Outliner at home in my next post.


  1. If someone follows these steps, it wont take much time to become expert in the art!
    thanks ('',)

  2. nice post Manisha... keep it up...

  3. thank you so much..

  4. Do I need to draw margins in case if I paint backgrounds?

  5. @Devi Sujatha - No, not needed but still it depends on you, if you feel comfortable with margin then go ahead with it.

  6. Thanks gor the real guide for amatuare like me but keen for painting


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